Small patch for to get full program descriptions

EDIT: This patch is no longer necessary or relevant, and has therefore been removed. For additional hints on using zap2xml, see the (recently updated) article, Some hints for getting free-to-air satellite channels into the Electronic Program Guide in Kodi or XBMC (or another frontend).


2 thoughts on “Small patch for to get full program descriptions

  1. does this also allow capture of series info (season#, episode#)? I am using zap2xml2 and it doesn’t have the -s (or -series) command line option available, like the newer one does – which requires a subscription to ChannelsDirect.


    • Huh? First of all there is only one version of the program now, called zap2xml and available at, and it most certainly does NOT require a subscription to ChannelsDirect, whatever the heck that is. It gets its listings from either or (if you use the -z option) Using, the season and episode numbers are only shown in the extra program details, and you can only get those by using the -D option which makes an additional separate http request for each and every program in the listings! This is not only rather unfriendly to the provider (after all, we are getting these listings for free and therefore should not be overburdening the servers), but also it adds very significantly to the amount of time required to download the listings (if you try it you will probably think the download has stalled, it is that slow). And even if you were to use the -D option, it’s not a given that it would capture the season and episode numbers in the way you expect. does not appear to show season and episode numbers at all.

      I’m guessing that this information was more readily available in the original Zap2it listings format, but that was discontinued prior to the time this article was written.


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