Beware of these used Eagle Aspen branded Ku-band LNB’s being sold on eBay!!!

This is a warning about a Canadian seller on eBay that is selling Eagle Aspen dual output Ku-band LNB’s as pictured below:



His eBay ad describes these as:

Condition: Used :

Because the shipping charges on these are somewhat high when you order from Canada, we ordered three of them at once to get a break on the shipping. And right after we ordered them we has a spell of pretty lousy weather, and then other events that took precedence over messing with dishes, so it took us about a month and a half to actually getting around to try using one of them. The original plan had been to use one now on an old oval Primestar dish, and use the other two later or save them for spares, in case of a lightning strike or something. So last weekend we finally got around to trying to install one, and we could not get a signal no matter what we did. After fooling around with it for way too long we found the old LNB that originally came with the Primestar dish and hooked that up. Then we were able to get a signal and properly position the dish.

Once we had the dish locked onto the satellite we then tried swapping out the old LNB for the new one, and it did not work at all, which seemed weird. So we tried another one of the three, and STILL nothing. We were beginning to think maybe we were doing something wrong, but since it wasn’t a huge effort to try changing out the LNB yet one more time, we then tried the third one. And the moment we connected the third one, that one worked!


And even the one that worked gave us a signal quality reading that was six or seven counts lower than what I got with the old original LNB that came with the dish, and that was even after we had peaked the skew setting. So the performance certainly wasn’t spectacular. We only purchased these because we thought they might yield better performance than a generic Ku-band LNB that’s not designed specifically for that type of oval-shaped dish, but even the one that worked was a disappointment.

The real kicker, though, was we notified the seller of this problem. This was his response:

Hello [eBay buyer] Please read the auction…once you have received the items, you had 14 days to return them and you are way, way past that. Sorry you are unhappy with our products, but we do not Guarantee anything past the return date.

Best regards

Now I realize that there was a bit of an unanticipated delay before we got around to installing them, but a month and a half is not a totally unreasonable delay in my opinion, and a seller that wanted to do the right thing might have at least offered some type of compromise instead of giving us the big kiss off. But then, his eBay ad did say,

Returns: 14 days money back, buyer pays return shipping

Since it’s rather costly to ship items across international borders, I suppose a lot of buyers who get a bad one don’t bother returning it. BUT – I find it very suspicious that two out of three units were bad! I mean after all, everyone gets hold of a dud product every now and then, but come on – it doesn’t concern him at all that out of three units sold, only one worked?

And what if just by chance we had tried the good one first (within the two week period), and then stuck to the original plan of saving the other two to use as spares or at a later date? We might not have realized that the other two were “duds” until much later.

Personally, my own opinion (and it is just my opinion) is that this guy probably knows what he’s doing. He probably just hopes that when someone purchases his LNB’s, they don’t get around to actually trying them within two weeks (and I wonder if he includes the shipping time from Canada, including the time it takes to clear customs, when calculating that two weeks?) so he can pocket their money. I suspect the only reason he doesn’t have a lower feedback rating (currently at 98%) is probably because the majority of the items he sells are not electronic, and therefore any problems or damage would be immediately apparent to a purchaser as soon as they open the box. Sadly, that’s not the case with something like a LNB.

So I just wanted to warn everyone about this seller and these LNB’s. As I write this, his user name on eBay is kenco23. And actually, I would not recommend buying these “Eagle Aspen” branded LNB’s from any source, given the less that great performance of the one that actually did work. A few people seem to think these are better than a generic dual output Ku-band LNB for use with an oval Primestar dish, but I have my doubts about that. Anyway, I guess we just bought one very expensive, poor quality LNB – at least ONE of them worked, or I would have thought we were doing something wrong!

Caveat Emptor!!!

(General comment in closing: More and more I am coming to believe that eBay is a haven for scam artists of all kinds, so it might be wise not to buy anything electronic there if it’s not from a reputable seller that has 100% positive feedback!)


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