uRepo – a home for legal third party Kodi addons that have been censored by the childish Kodi developers

I just want to introduce the censorship-loving developers on the Kodi project to the Streisand effect.  Because of some stupid childish tiff they’ve had with certain third party addon developers and former Kodi developers, it seems they are banning even the mention of uRepo in their forums.  Since just about everything the Kodi developers do nowadays makes my blood boil a little, I just wanted to make sure they know that they can’t censor the entire Internet.

Now, I understand their desire to not support piracy addons, but lately they have taken things much too far.  To quote from the uRepo home page,

uRepo is an independent “unofficial” Repository of 3rd party Kodi Add-ons.
Our mission is to provide a centralized location to upload and publish as many legitimate Kodi Add-ons as possible
uRepo differs from the official Kodi repository by allowing more Add-ons, discussion and user feedback as well as easy submission from developers.
NOTE: uRepo has a strict no-Piracy stance, we will never allow such Add-ons

(Emphasis added)

So since it’s not a piracy issue, it has to be a personal vendetta, as this Reddit thread would indicate.  And that thread is very disturbing, in that it indicates that the Kodi developers, who I think I can safely say crossed the line into being assholes some time back, are now censoring entire threads that have helped many Kodi users, apparently for no other reason than that they are holding a grudge against the person who wrote them.  And now they are censoring even the mention of legal addon sites.

Basically it appears that the Kodi developers want to keep all addon development under their thumbs, and they have created what can only be described as a hostile attitude toward all third-party addon developers that can’t bring themselves to put up with all the shit those developers dish out.  Sure, maybe you can jump through all the hoops to get your addon approved in the official Kodi addon repository, but good luck finding your nuts afterwards! (As far as I know there are no ladies developing Kodi addons.  Then again, I can’t imagine any self-respecting female would want to work with that bunch, not that I think they’d be made the slightest bit welcome.  Those guys seem to enjoy playing the role of the bully too much, and it doesn’t play well when they bully a female).

I keep waiting and hoping that a useful alternative to Kodi will be developed.  In the meantime, I expect that more useful and legal third-party addons will find their way to the uRepo site, and that more addons will disappear from the official Kodi site as their developers get tired of being crapped upon.  The uRepo site is pretty new right now, I think less than a month old as I write this, but I wish them all the best even if the Kodi developers continue trying to censor them out of existence.

And, I know this has nothing to do with Free-To-Air directly, but many of us do use Kodi as a frontend with TVHeadEnd as a backend.  TVHeadEnd is a great piece of software, I just truly wish there were something better than Kodi to use as a frontend, particularly when running something other than Windows (such as Linux or OS X) as the operating system.  At the rate the Kodi developers are going, it won’t be long until all the useful threads in their forum are censored, except of course the ones the developers wrote themselves.

(P.S. When I refer to the Kodi developers, I am talking primarily about the toxic core, which is not the entire development team.  But the fact that the other developers won’t stand up to those jerks, and either throw them out or withdraw their support, means they are at least complicit in the problem.)



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