Installing Kodi using Ubuntu based systems

I found this article online and thought I’d post a link to it here. This shows the correct way to install Kodi an any Ubuntu-based system:

Installing Kodi using Ubuntu based systems

Just two comments: The article briefly mentions the existence of third-party addons. If I were you I’d avoid those like the plague, because if they don’t come from the official Kodi addon repository they may be using illegal methods to get content, which could cause you to get in trouble with your Internet Service Provider or, in a worst case example, see you on the wrong end of a lawsuit for copyright violations. Also, they can break Kodi, or even put some kind of malware on your system.

The other thing is that after installing Kodi, if you are using any kind of PVR backend software such as Tvheaded, you’ll want to go to System | Add-ons | My add-ons | PYR clients and enable the PVR client that corresponds to the backend software you are using, for example the “Tvheadend HTSP client” if you are using Tvheadend, or the “MediaPortal PVR client” if you are using MediaPortal, etc.

Kodi itself is pretty easy to set up, provided you don’t fall into the trap of using the instructions on some unknown third-party site. My reason for posting the above link was because it shows the correct, “official” way to do it using Ubuntu. If you use some other operating system, you may be able to find an installer and/or instructions for installation on the Kodi downloads page.


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